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If you’re a local unemployed Bostonian in need of a job,  you’ve likely been searching the internet for employment with little or no success.  Rather than using Google to search the internet for a job, perhaps next time try using Google to search Google for a job, as the company has announced that it will be expanding its Cambridge offices.

Google Inc, a Californian-based tech giant, says it is looking to add numerous positions to its Mass. offices, which currently employs around 200 workers.

While the company is obviously seeking staffing for software engineers, they also employ sales reps to sell ads to local businesses, and Steve Vinter, engineering director at the Cambridge offices says that nearly every project the office is working on will be “scaling up.”

He also says that they want to hire locally, and that the team will be working mostly on Google Books and Google Images, as well as Google’s social networking tool Friend Connect.

Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt praised the east coast location for its abundance of universities, which generate the young, educated, tech savvy people Google likes to hire.

Google’s Boston office has been around since 2005. When it began it employed two engineers.

To apply, visit Google’s Boston Office job board, available right here.

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