Remembering Boston’s Mayor Menino

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Mayor Menino in 2008As we finally start absorbing the sad passing of the longest serving Mayor of Boston, Thomas M. Menino I thought it fitting to pull some videos from around the web regarding his passing and his life.  We have added it to a page that is accessible via the top menu (Remembering Menino Videos).

It would be difficult not to like Mayor Menino as a man of the people because there is no denying that he was.  Though I never interacted with him directly there are those that I know that did.  On one side he was such a hard working Mayor that at times he was at the point of falling asleep at meetings.  It had to cost him to try to be everywhere as it seemed he always was.

On the political side he was well known to not be afraid to use his power.  At times he had problems with the public sector(police, fire…) because of contract negotiations with the unions.  This didn’t endear him to many of those members…

At different points, Mr. Menino found himself at odds with the city’s public-sector unions, with contact negotiations sometimes becoming rancorous, deeply personal affairs. Noting that one Fire Department captain had published a letter to the editor in the Globe with the phrase “we die for you,” an exasperated Mr. Menino wrote in his memoir: “Give me a break! Try negotiating with a union whose members die for you.”

Boston Globe

Over the course of more than 20 years as Mayor you have to make enemies but as can be seen by the outpouring of support, tributes and remembrances he made many more friends.  With his power he also accomplished much for the city’s national standing and it’s neighborhoods.  It is tragic that a man that gave so much to the people of Boston did not get a chance to “relax” after serving.  He was only out of office 297 days before he passed.  The good news for us is that he did get a chance to finish his memoir so we will have a chance to see his accomplishments and life through his eyes.  I have linked to the book below.  Though it is currently out of stock I’ve ordered it because I am sure it will be restocked quickly due to Mayor Menino’s unfortunate passing.

Mayor for a New America

For those of us that lived through all of Mayor Menino’s terms it will be hard not to think of Menino when you think of Boston.  He truly shaped this city, primarily for the better.

Rest in peace and our utmost condolences to his dedicated wife Angela and his family.

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