TomKat stay in Boston, claim New England in name of Xenu

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Everybody, break out your e-meters!

America’s hottest couple (as far as Scientologists go) has descended onto Boston, gracing us with sweaty jogging sessions and photo-op spurts of motherly love.

But what brings these Dianetic dynamos to Beantown? Well apparently Cruise is in town shooting for his upcoming film Wichita, a comedy about a secret agent (Cruise) who pops in and out of the life of a dumbstruck single woman (Cameron Diaz).

It is being billed as an “action comedy,” and is pretty much the first time Cruise will lead in a comedy.

Still, can it ever compete with this? (Definitely NSFW):

Anyhow, in the afternoon, Cruise and Katie were spotted doing a couples jog along the Charles, leaving Suri with the sitter. Cruise offered an empty “Great City!” to the photographers.


tom and katie

Holmes was seen later in the day in a much more redeeming, flattering light. Shopping with the kids on Newbury Street.

Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise

Two questions though:

Is that a tomcat on her shirt?

And more importantly–is that BABAR? Kids still like Babar?!

Perhaps there really is a Xenu.

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