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Candidate for Governor Charlie BakerThe end of the 2014 Governor’s Race is around the corner and we thought everyone including me would benefit from a listing of where to find information about both Gubernatorial candidates.   The race is still too close to call and it is important that you not only go out and vote but also get as much information as you can to make an informed decision.  All of us come at this from their own perspective and situation so one candidate may make sense for you but be totally off base for another person.  I think we are lucky to have 2 candidates that care enough about Massachusetts to go through the election process(more than once).  We know how brutal that can be around here.

We provide the links below go to their official websites but I am also going to include the WBZ debate that was available online.  If you want to see the most recent debate put on by WGBH and the Boston Globe please click here .

Charlie Baker for Governor official site

Martha Coakley for Governor official site

Martha Coakley at SuffolkSometimes we can be lazy when it comes to politics or even worse apathetic.  I know at times it is easy to rely on the ads you see on television to get what you think are the facts about each of the candidates.  The great part about the way the new political candidate websites are set up you can see what their stances are on the issues they care about and think that we care about.  You also get a feel for their values and priorities based on their bios and the various videos that are included on the sites.

Of course, you can’t just rely on what they say about themselves or what they put on their own websites.  That is why you should also see them in action in debates.  There have already been 2 debates.  The more recent one mentioned about can be accessed on the WGBH news website.  I am including the WBZ one below and will add information about the last one that is supposed to take place on Monday October 27th on NECN at 8pm in case you can’t catch it live.  UPDATE:  The debate has been added below for NECN.  This is not the last one though WCVB is having the last one tonight if you want to catch one live.  You will be able to see it online and on TV’s Channel 5 at 7:00pm

Besides the Governor’s race there are quite a few questions on the ballot this year covering issues from Casinos to Bottle fees.  You can get information on those questions and the other races that are taking place at the Secretary of State’s Office Mass 2014 Election info page.

NECN Debate


 WBZ Debate Videos


Get out and vote on November 4th!

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