Interview with Boston’s Professional Wingman – Part 1

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Boston's Professional Wingman

Boston's Professional Wingman

Thomas Edwards is a professional wingman in Boston. While he’s not the only dating coach in Boston, his style and infectious charisma sets him apart. In the competitive dating scene here, you need someone who’s a step above the rest and on that front Thomas delivers.

Having witnessed Thomas out in the field, it’s clear that he has a friendly, high-energy, aura that gets soaked up and inherited by those around him. While a dating coach will advise you on how to improve your game, the professional wingman will team up with you and actively help you meet members of the opposite sex.

The proccess is quite organic, the pro wingman coaches Boston singles on how to extend their individual personalities to be more outgoing and appealing. It’s all about improving your current self, not explicitly changing who you are. The best part, real-time feedback so you can immediately implement his advice and watch it work!

In Part 1 of my interview with the premier dating coach in Boston we find out more about Thomas and his background. Check back in on Friday for Part 2, where Thomas hands out some expert advice. Until then, take a look at the professional wingman’s dating coaching for singles services.

You’re The Professional Wingman, I’m sure the readers are asking themselves, what’s a professional wingman do?

A wingman is someone that looks out for and helps a friend who is trying to accomplish a goal that he has set for himself. In my case, I help clients find love through dating and I also help them discover a more fulfilling life through personal development. If I were to give myself a title, it would be Dating & Lifestyle Development Coach. Kinda like Hitch.

How did you decide to become a professional wingman?

Trust me, it definitely wasn’t something I have been dreaming of doing since I was 12.

Before I graduated from college, I started a blog focusing on my own personal development as I was trying to find a job, my passion, my calling and even myself in a lot of ways. People began to be really interested in who I was and how I understood many of the things that I talked about, such as self-help, learning how to be charismatic, how dating works, personal development, self-confidence, etc.

Eventually, I started a dedicated blog, using my experiences and knowledge to give words of wisdom. It led to emails from readers asking for serious, more personal advice. Based on the answers I gave, I got really good feedback and finally, decided that this could be my calling.

Haven’t looked back since.

What’s your best example of success? Any marriages come about from your services?

It’s still pretty early – I’ve only been doing consulting since October – so no marriages but I have been able to help men have better relationships with women.

My best example of success is the guy that comes to me who has exhausted many options and needs to get their life turned around. And after working with me, he’s almost a totally different man. His energy, his outlook on life, his confidence and his relationships with women and other people that are important to him make turns for the better. Seeing that kind of change it what it’s about and that’s what drives me.

Read The Professional Wingman’s blog for lifestyle development tips, dating advice, and information on how to look fashionable and feel stylish.

Follow @URWingman on Twitter for quick dating tips and reports from the field. Tune in Friday for Part 2 of the interview.

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  1. Mindy says:

    This sounds both alarming and endearing. I learning how to be braver because my life is a string of 20 hour days on the Internet. But I’m not sure I’d want to be connected in this way. However, my experiences with a good guy and even a couple of great dates have helped me grow more trusting. Maybe Mr. Right is out there somewhere posting his profile…

  2. Kelly says:

    Wow this is kind of a real life Hitch LOL!

    I do like the fact you’re teaching guys to extend their personalities as this is something guys try too hard at 😛
    .-= Kelly ´s last blog ..Ew I Need To Clean My Mirror =-.

  3. Mark says:

    I think this is a great idea. I’ve been dating women for a long time, and have played the part of a wingman too. more recently, I came across a group of guys who play the part of a wingman for a living. I thought that was one of a kind, but after reading your post, I see that it’s something that’s catching up fast.

    Thomas Edwards seems like a role model of sorts, he’s not the typical underwear model poster boy, but he’s able to do something that 90% of the people in the world are unable to do. Talk to women, impress them, and go home with them before the night is over! I think he’s a great guy, and the way you’ve interviewed him too is perfect, you’ve covered all the details without hitting too many personal points which can get boring.

    I found a post on how to be a great wingman which was written by some of the guys who have started a crash course of wingmanship. It’s a four part series, and I think it would completely give all the details along with what your site has provided.

    Hope it helps any newbie wannabe wingman. Cheers, to a better dating experience!

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