Interview with Boston’s Professional Wingman – Part 2

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The Professional Wingman

The Professional Wingman

In Part 1 of my interview with Thomas Edwards, a dating coach in Boston who acts as your own personal wingman, we learned about what a professional wingman is, how Thomas decided to get into the field and his best example of success. In Part 2 we’ll dive into some more details and Thomas will give out superb dating advice to the guys and gals in Boston.

Now that you’re building your brand as a professional wingman, has anyone called you out as being a wingman while out with a client? How’d you handle it?

It hasn’t happened…yet and that is because I go out so much, that you really can’t tell if I am out with a client or not. The way I work is so casual – part of the reason why clients enjoy working with me – that to the naked eye, it just looks like I’m out having fun with friends. If I ever get called out, I’ll let you know how I handle it.

You’re expanding beyond Boston and are beginning to offer your dating coach services in New York City. Any big differences between the dating scene here and in NYC? Anything you have to tweak about your coaching style when bouncing between cities?

When I first went to NYC, it was no surprise to me why people think it’s hard to date there. Everything is so fast-paced and there are as always TONS of people there. Compared to Boston, it’s a completely different world. When people are wrapping up their nights here in Boston, others are just getting started in NYC. Because of the sheer numbers, people are more likely to “screen” potential mates much quicker in NYC than they would here in Boston. So, if you have 10 minutes to win over a lucky lady here in Boston, you may have about 3 in NYC.

The only thing I tweak with my coaching style is just the pace of trying to make that connection. Connections and sparks seem to have to happen quicker in NYC so I prepare clients to match that pace.

What’s the #1 tip you can give to the girls and guys out there in need dating help?

Never back down & don’t be afraid. We’ve all been crushed at one point… or many points in our lives. You still have control of the outcome of your love life. Go out there and continue to open yourself up because there will be one time where all that pain, all that effort, all that time you’ve given will be worth it. And it’ll be the most fulfilling feeling you’ll ever have in your life.

Bringing it back to Boston, you mention confidence and self-esteem a lot. Bostonians have gotten a reputation for being extremely arrogant. What’s your advice to all those Bostonians who have perhaps too much confidence? Is there such a thing?

My advice – take it down a notch. There is DEFINITELY such a thing as too much confidence. Here’s my theory on it. If you have to talk about yourself more than others talk about you, you’re clearly overcompensating for something. Do you think people like Will Smith or Brad Pitt go around acting like arrogant jerks? They let who they are, what they’ve done and what they are doing speak for themselves.

Let your game speak for yourself.

Thanks Thomas! Make sure you follow Thomas on Twitter, fan The Proffesional Wingman on Facebook, and check out his blog for great dating advice from The Professional Wingman!

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