Boston Celtics Move On In Season Opener

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Ray Allen 2010 Season Opener

Ray Allen Courtesy of CSN

Last night’s 2010-2011 Boston Celtics season opener against the fabled Miami Heat was an interesting lesson in teamwork and experience.  The Miami Heat were clearly under more pressure than the Celtics to win since they were crowned this Season’s Champions a few months ago.  The Celtics also had something to prove after their disappointing ending in the Championship series against the Lakers.  So in this clash of the titans it appears that teamwork and experience beat youth and brawn.

I will say I was not surprised at the outcome clearly the Celtics would not have been in the Championship last year if they were not talented enough to beat strong teams.  With the addition of Shaquille O’Neal they added to an impressive team.  The operative word in that previous sentence is team.  There is no doubt that Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh are impressive individually.  It appears they still have work to do playing as a team.  No one should think that this is the end of their season just because as D Wade said they are not going to be 82-0.

Though the Celtics won last nigh they were also clearly not on their A-Game either.  With a bunch of turnovers in the first half they could have been leading by 20 more points.  This is the first game of the season so even they should get better.  The test will also come as our talented but veteran players play through a full grueling season of professional basketball.

As a professional basketball fan it was a relief to know that the story on this season has not been written and that other teams besides the Celtics have a shot of beating the Miami Heat too.

The following video from CSN talks about Ray Allen’s great 3 point shot with about a minute left in the game.  The discussion from Doc Rivers and Paul Pierce centers on “non hero” ball which allowed for Pierce to pass to Ray Allen instead of taking a shot that would have been contested.  Odds are that time and experience will allow the Miami Heat 3 to do the same.

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