Can the Boston Red Sox Rise Above Their Injuries?

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Kevin Youkilis Pregame Routine

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I admit it I haven’t been paying close attention to the Boston Red Sox this season.  This past weekend though my family went on their annual visit to Fenway Park where the Red Sox played Detroit on Saturday.  At that point it was clear that the Red Sox are not the same team I was used to seeing.  I hardly recognized some of the players and at the beginning of the game there definitely seemed to be something lacking in the atmosphere.  What was it?  Was it Pedroia?  Was it Jacoby?  Where is the new Cameron guy?

Of course the answer is that these players are injured and worse yet today’s news is that Kevin Youkilis might need to have an MRI on his thumb after hurting it in yesterday’s game.

Youkilis is one of those players you either love or hate.  He brings a level of intensity that at times make people uncomfortable but I fall on the side of favoring it.  Besides the fact that there are many injured players you need something to spark the Red Sox and my family and I got to see some of that on Saturday where David Ortiz pulled out some of his old 9th inning magic.  We also got to see the new guy Kalish hit some base hits that sparked the team at a time when many of the fans at Fenway were ready to just go home.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Youkilis because in theory that could mean an increased role for Lowell who has been the subject of trade rumors as this season gets closer to the end.

Now that I am paying more attention to the Red Sox (yes I have finally moved on from the Celtics and Bruins) there is definitely some tiny hope for the wild card.  Matsuzaka settled down after giving up a homer early in the game that we saw and all the pitchers we have definitely have the potential to have a good remainder of the season.  Ortiz and Beltre also have been strong and if they can get some help can provide some decent offense.  Let’s face it with so many injuries we are lucky to be this close to any type of post season.  Hopefully help is on the way and even having Varitek in the dugout will help…

Here is Ryan Kalish’s reaction to his first game:

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