In Tom Brady We Trust – Patriots Should Win

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Tom Brady Directs Traffic at Training CampIf you have doubts about this weekend’s game against Baltimore it is more than understandable.  Though we are the City of the Champions the older ones in the crowd know the “agony of defeat”.  All that aside though Patriots fans should feel confident this year.

The picture taken to the left was at Patriots training camp. Though of course anything can happen I got a sense that Tom has something more to prove.  He was all business  and if you have been paying attention to some of the shots of him on the sidelines he has looked so serious that it borders on anger.

The Patriots season has not played out as planned particularly when it comes to some of the acquisitions that were on the practice field during camp.  Sadly Chad OchoCinco has not been able to find his rhythm with either Brady or the Patriots in general.   Haynesworth who was to help our defense had to be cut back in November.

The good news is that there were many good surprises too.  The tight end duo of Gronkowski and Hernandez amazed everyone with there gladiator like domination.  Wes Welker continued to make opponents have to pay attention to him or pay the price.  Edelman rose above the nightclub drama to play defense on top of his normal role on the offense.  Wilfork with his strong leadership holds together a defense that though is not the best has been able to keep the Patriots in the fight long enough for Brady and his multifaceted offense to score more points.

Predictions in sports are usually taken with a grain of salt because anything can happen on any given day in the playoffs.  That can be said whether it’s football, basketball, baseball…but if your life depended on a football game(which it doesn’t) Tom Brady is the man to give the ball to.  No matter the outcome it should definitely be memorable.  There may be some double take moments like the Tom Brady punt at the Broncos game(hopefully no fights though).

Tom Brady continues to surprise and fascinate…

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