Let’s see that again: Kevin Youkilis vs. Rick Porcello

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During Tuesday’s game against the Tigers, Detroit pitcher Rick Porcello hit Kevin Youkilis with a pitch in the second inning. It was the second game in a row Youk was hit by a pitch. He charges the mound, and actually reaches and makes contact with the pitcher, which is kind of a rare instance in baseball.

As Youkilis charges, Porcello scurries away, and Youk throws his helmet at the pitcher, eventually grappling him. Now this is where it gets a bit painful, as Porcello uses Youk’s momentum against him, turning to his left and body-slamming him to the ground.

The usually testosterone-fueled pile up ensues, and both Youkilis and Porcello are ejected from the game. Sox win it 7-5.

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