Play Ball: Red Sox Open Season With Win Over Yankees

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Fenway Park

Fenway Park (Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

It may have only been opening day, but it felt like a playoff game.

The Red Sox got their season going strong Sunday night over the Yankees in a tense matchup of big plays and nail-biting at bats.

The Yankees came out quick in the second inning, as Jorge Posada and newcomer Curtis Granderson knocked back to back home runs off Sox starter Josh Beckett. The bleeding didn’t end there for Beckett, who departed midway through the fifth after giving up five runs on eight hits.

The Sox roared back in the sixth though, tying the game at five on a two-run triple by Youkilis and an RBI single from Adrian Beltre one batter later. That was enough for Yankees starter C. C. Sabbathia who, like Beckett, left the game uncharacteristically early.

Two Yankee runs in the top of the seventh were immediately answered in the bottom half by a rare home run from Boston’s reigning little man, Dustin Pedroia. (Generously listed at 5’9,” Pedroia often appears to be shorter than crouching catchers when he stands at the plate.) Following the home run, a wild pitch brought in Youkilis and gave Boston the lead for good.

Putting aside all the pomp surrounding opening day for a moment—Neil Diamond singing the Sox unofficial anthem, “Sweet Caroline,” Pedro throwing out the first pitch, fireworks and jet planes to rival Independence Day—the game still felt more important than a regular opener. The weather was unseasonable, but ideal for a late game—temperature at first pitch was 67”; Boston had a totally revamped, defensive minded team on the field ready to prove themselves to Boston’s ever skeptical fans; the rival Yankees were in town, fresh off winning their millionth World Series.

All of that made opening day feel more intense, like each pitch would make or break the entire season. Last season ended on an awful note, with Boston being swept out of the playoffs in a dismal first round, only to see New York coast on through to victory.  Sox fans have been waiting all winter to get that sour taste out of our mouths, and finally now we have the delicious taste of victory to take its place now.

And sure, it was just one game. Statistically, the Yankees are once again the team to beat, and the Red Sox, while a strong team in their own right, are destined to once again be mashed to bits beneath New York’s irrepressible All Stars.

Still, it’s nice to have hope for the new season. If opening day’s spectacular game is any indicator, this season could be a very special one.

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