Tom Brady New England Patriot’s Iceman

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Tom Brady Directs Traffic at Training CampWatching the Brady-Manning match up yesterday I had to post something about the quarterback that has made watching football here in New England so exciting and entertaining.  Though Brady was of course not the only person playing yesterday(yes Edelman and Gronkowski more than their fair share) he was as impressive as ever.

There is no denying that Peyton Manning is a great quarterback but Tom Brady is better. The debate will continue until they retire but in my mind the record says it all Brady 11 Manning 5.  The stat counters will analyze this forever but as I have seen in other places “Who would you want on your team in a playoff game?”  The answer is predominantly Brady.

I am including a Tom Brady profile video that ESPN put together on Brady’s improbably career.


Enjoy New England!  This is looking like another good season!

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