Top 5 Reasons Red Sox Fans Should Keep The Faith

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The Red Sox are currently playing an elimination game against the Los Angeles of Anaheim California, United States of America, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy Angels. Up two runs in the top of the 9th inning, the Red Sox look to continue their season one game at a time.

Such situations are not new to Red Sox fans. Here’s five reasons Red Sox fans should keep the faith, now and forever.

  1. 2004
  2. If the 2004 season taught us anything about baseball and the Boston Red Sox, it’s that literally anything is possible. Down 3 games to none to the New York Yankees, the Sox mounted an epic comeback, going on to win their first World Series championship since 1918. Since then, the Sox have mounted other comebacks, though none quite so epic. These Sox have heart, and will battle to the very end.

  3. Fenway Park
  4. Anyone whose attended a game at Fenway can tell you, there is a special atmosphere in the air, especially during the postseason. Perhaps it’s the cramped, aching infrastructure, or the years and years of history, but either way the Sox are a different team at Fenway. With two games at Fenway, the Sox have a great chance to win both and build momentum and beat the Angels on their home turf in Game 5.

  5. The Fans
  6. Just like Fenway Park, Red Sox fans are a special breed. Long faced with the prospects of a championship-less team, Sox fans kept sticking by their team year in year out. If the Sox go on to win Game 3, you can bet the fans at Game 4 will be rocking and yelling and doing everything possible to push their team to victory.

  7. Big Papi
  8. Sure, David “Big Papi”, Ortiz has undergone a serious slump this season, but he still managed to knock out 28 home runs and drive in 99 runs. Something tells me we haven’t seen the last of Big Papi’s postseason heroics….yet. The man knows when to turn it on and give everything he’s got and I’m betting we’ll see a Big Papi clutch homerun push the Sox into the next round, at least.

    As Josh Gans so eloquently described Big Papi:

    David Ortiz is a hero in Boston

    True, and heros don’t go quietly into the night.

  9. No More Curse
  10. Going back to the first point, with the Sox epic comeback and curse shattering 2004 postseason, Sox fans and players are no longer burdened by thoughts of some mystical curse put on the Sox by Babe Ruth. We’re not free to believe and keep the faith and leave it all out on the field. We no longer have the crutch of believing we’re cursed, and with than we no longer have the handicap of this curse business looming over us. It all leads to fans that are friendlier and players that are looser, which leads to more wins.

In short, though down two games, there’s no reason to believe these 2009 Boston Red Sox won’t mount a comeback and move on to the next round, with a possible matchup against our uber-rivals The New York Yankees.

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  1. Josh G says:

    Excellent reasons Adam. I completely agree with all of those reasons, I just hope we can get this last out, bases loaded for Vlad with 2 outs…I’m nervous.
    .-= Josh G´s last blog ..NFL Week 5 Predictions =-.

  2. Josh G says:

    So much for that, but we do still get our last at bats to come back in the bottom of the 9th.
    .-= Josh G´s last blog ..NFL Week 5 Predictions =-.

  3. And my next post: “Ooops, I jinxed the Red Sox. My bad Boston.”

    Of course, I don’t actually believe in jinxes/curses, but considering I published that with two outs in the Top of the 9th, well, the “evidence” is against me.

    .-= Adam Pieniazek´s last blog ..Top Ten Ways to Write a Top Ten Ways Post =-.

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