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Boston has long been called a walking city.  Partly because so many neighborhoods can be enjoyed in the span of a small stroll and partly because we just don’t have the number of cabs trolling the city as our neighbors in Manhattan do.  If you are interested in taking in the city, without risking blisters or heading underground to catch the T (which can involve quite a bit of walking as well), there is a new way to see the city. No – not by trolley, or duckboat or pedicab.  This time, the navigation is all your own via a Segway.

paulblartThat’s right, the Segway which we had thought had been reserved for airport and mammoth convention goers alone, has had a geek chic resurgence, perhaps by way of one Mr. Paul Blart Mall Cop- filmed locally at the Burlington Mall.  Whatever the reason, opportunities to rent or own a Segway for city exploration is now more accessible then one might have ever thought imaginable.

To RentBoston Gliders With 1, 2, or 3 hour guided tours of Boston departing daily from 73 Commercial Street at the  Atlantic and Commercial ONE-HOUR-3Streets corner of the North End, Boston Gliders is your segway into, well, Segways. With a maximum of 6 riders per tour, the groups stay intimate and manageable with tours that include the Harbor Walk, Faneuil Hall (mind the cobblestones), the Freedom Trail, Chinatown, Back Bay, City Hall Plaza (no tricks on the stairs please), Fenway and Charlestown. Tours run from $60 to $125 per glider.

Or, for those that prefer the self-guided tour, half day rentals are available as well Monday through Friday from 10AM – 1PM or 5PM – 8PM at $60 per glider.  For the inexperienced, be prepared to shell out $15 more for training before you are set free on the wild streets of Boston. To make reservations, call 866-611-9838. 

41VmzAnovPL._SL500_AA280_To OwnSegway of Boston 510 Kendall Street, Cambridge – If you have already experienced what is known as the Segway smile – perhaps you are ready to enjoy the city standing up. Segway of Boston offers more than just your standard Segway.  Their current offerings include the brand new city sleek i2 model, the rugged “road less traveled” all terrain x2, as well as a pre-owned inventory of Segways and, should your legs get tired and your keister gets lonely – they also offer Keeway scooters for a more traditional go green(er) ride.

There are also way more ways to pimp out a Segway than I ever imagined. Accessories include a handlebar bag, comfort mats, a parking stand, golf bag caddy, 5W LED headlamps, cargo frames for up to 15 lbs, and a parking stand. They have Segways for police forces, golfers, adventure seekers and city dwellers alike. And, should your Segway ever need servicing, they are authorized Segway Service Providers. Call 617.225.0002 for more information.

If you do choose to own – remember what thrill you are seeking when selecting your style and accessories.  Is this for day tripping in the city, a daily commute or, are you hell bent on making sure you are preapred to take part in the next Segway Polo match that takes place in the city much like this one Megan Johnson reported on back in July? Just remember -rent or own – don’t forget your helmet.


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  1. Seg Gliders says:

    We are coming to an end on 2009 and looking forward to 2010! Go green and stay clean. Even with lower prices. Our goal has always been to introduce as many people to the Segway PT as possible so in 2010 we will be lowering our rates on Adventures stay tuned for exact pricing. We want to thank everyone who loves us, the Segway PT and green products. Big thanks to organizations like Directory of Boston, Groupon, Bold Facers, and others that have helped us become a new icon in Boston!

  2. Update: Segway of Boston is no longer just sales! We now offer tours and rentals as well with four different tour routes, and rental options ranging from 2 hours to a full day. With safety as our top priority, we provide helmets (required for all riders), as well as training included with every tour and rental.

    Experience the city from a Segway with Massachusetts only authorized Segway Tour Provider!

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