Boston Comic Con This Weekend

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l_a83ce33a4de04e348dd3f374c7d7fbbdAs if having Barack Obama in town today wasn’t exciting enough, the city will play host this weekend to a different kind of super hero – those of the tights and cape variety. Geek chic hits astronomical levels as the Boston Comic Con graces the Back Bay Events Center (180 Berkeley St., Boston) this Saturday, October 24 and Sunday, October 25, 10am to 5pm each day.

There is more to Comic Con than flipping through endless boxes of plastic covered comic book to uncover a new personal favorite or long sought after treasure.  There are multiple opportunities to meet the creative artists behind some of the more recent comic icons.

Meet and greet Tim Sale, Cliff Chiang, Herb Trimpe, Khoi Pham, Geof Darrow, David Mack, Stephane Roux, Mike McKone, Jim Calafiore,   Eric Canete, Craig Rousseau and Scott Wegner, whose artistry graced the cover of the Weekly Dig this week. Also, just added this week – Walt Simonson and Louise Simonson.

Plus, shop the wares of nearly 50 local vendors!  And, of course, what kind of sale_hiroa Comic Con would it be if the attendees themselves didn’t don the wares of their favorite comic characters? For those who have not gone before that are wondering what to expect, the answer is expect the unexpected. Yes, there will be some predictable characters in plain site, but some obscure characters can make appearances at these events (whether in costume or not).

Watching any of the artists creating on site is truly amazing.  For me, someone with next to no skills in the visual arts, to see a blank page turn into such a rich and detailed character is amazing.

Admission for the event is  a straight $10 per person per day.

The great thing about the timing of this show is that if you come up with a real kick ass costume, you can recycle it for Halloween next weekend! The next Comic Con isn’t until April 2010, so get your comic geek on now while you can.


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