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il_430xn25806541Oh crap.  Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.  What do you get for the woman who gave you life?  No pressure.

This year may be harder than usual.  How do you get a thoughtful gift or day of activities that says ‘I love you and I appreciate all you have done for me’ but also fits into your very tight recession built budget?  Here are a few ideas to get those rusty wheels up in your noggin churning…


A nature hike

Your mom may not have run the Boston Marathon (or maybe she did) but a little fresh air in a beautiful spot may be just the thing. Try a stroll at Castle Island in South Boston and pick up some killer fried clams, go for a learning experience viewing the various species of trees at The Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain, or, for a trip with the grandkids in tow, head to the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston or the Stone Zoo north of Boston in Stoneham. The trips to Castle Island and the Arboretum are free of charge (though those fried clams will cost you a few clams) and the trips to the zoo offer free admissions for moms this Mother’s Day.

A home cooked meal

Almost any mom would agree that there is nothing like a home cooked meal that they didn’t have to cook.  Even if your only specialty is fried bologna and pickles, this can be a certain ‘It’s the thought that counts’ gift.  Suggestion: check out Whole Foods Market, Roche Bros. or Super88 Market for a chance at some unusual ingredients and recipe help.  And, if all is lost, they all offer home cooked style prepared meals too.  Don’t try to pass these off as your own though.  Moms always know when you are lying.

From a distance

If mom is far away and you haven’t already made arrangements for a gift to arrive on her doorstep Sunday morning.  Try an e-card.  If mom has a sense of humor, and she must have one to have raised a kid like you, try JibJab for some great personalized and fun cards.


Or, if you prefer the more traditional route of flowers, chocolates and a Sunday brunch,  I suggest Trader Joe’s for some great flowers and unusual chocolate choices (my mom loves the dark chocolate raisins).  For a list of favorite Sunday brunch spots by folks on Twitter, compiled by BostonTweet, click here.

P.S. For all you dads out there, remember your children’s mother is a mother too, even if she isn’t your mom.  Don’t forget to share a little extra love with her as well…

Happy Mother’s Day!


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