South Boston’s Castle Island – More Than a Fort

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Fort Independence South Boston ©

Fort Independence South Boston ©

South Boston’s Fort Independence is a great attraction for those visiting Boston but Castle Island is much more than the fort.  Since I was a child Castle Island has been a great place to go and reflect on life looking out onto the ocean. It is also great for catching a glimpse of airplanes as they approach Logan Airport for landing.

Having grown up in Boston you tend to refer to the whole area including the stretch of Carson Beach as Castle Island but the location of Fort Independence is the actual “island”.  The stretch of beach from Dorchester to the South Boston entrance into Castle island has become something similar to the Charles River stretches from Boston to Cambridge and Brighton.  You will find bicycle riders, joggers and rollerbladers as soon as the weather is good enough.  During a stretch of time I did a good deal of rollerblading there with my husband(my boyfriend at the time).

My family actually spent some time on the beach a couple of summers ago and it is much cleaner than you would think.  We played it safe though by mainly playing with sand.  We were closer to the Dorchester side near the State Police Station.  They had also recently opened a food “restaurant” which was convenient if you don’t want to trek up to Sullivan’s on Castle Island.  Sullivan’s is one of the must visit places in Southie which has been around if you can believe it since 1951.  Though ice cream is great on a hot summer day I tend to go for the clam strips.

Fort Independence which was built between 1834 and 1851 can be toured by the public.  It was opened this past Memorial Day weekend and is open through Columbus Day.  Both Castle Island and Fort Independence are official Historic Places.  More information can be found on the Castle Island Association website where you can find tour hours.  As a volunteer organization they are also always looking for volunteers to continue to offer the free tours.

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