Boston Move In Madness – An Annual Tradition

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Stuck Moving Truck on Storrow Drive

Moving Truck Backing Up on Storrow ©

I confess I was born and raised in Boston and though I graduated from 2 of the areas major universities I did not have to go through the madness that is the September move in.  I commuted to school.

Though living on campus is something I think I missed out on the moving in part I am glad I passed on.  The frustrated and tired faces you see on the streets of Boston when the students move into their dorms and apartments says it all.

Yesterday things were even worse because of the hot weather.  As much as you know to be prepared for a long day if this is the first time moving into the Boston area you may not be prepared for the amount of traffic.  There are many schools in the area and on top of that the major turnover date for leased apartments is September 1st which means it’s not only the students that are moving but the younger professionals that typically rent annually.

The picture above is one of the hazards of coming into Boston without doing some research.  Boston’s streets are not known for their logical layout.  You will bump into One Way Streets and worse if you  are driving a moving truck beware of Storrow Drive and its low clearance underpasses.  The above moving truck stopped traffic and the State Police had to direct them to reverse up the ramp.  Most people are not comfortable driving trucks so reverse is quite nerve racking.

Boston is well known for being the center of many well-known educational institutions so we have come to expect students.  Bostonians can have a bit of a love-hate relationship with them.  Here are some links to our other stories/posts that have been posted about moving into Boston.

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NECN reported on Emerson College and their attempt to make moving into Boston not only eventful but enjoyable and welcoming.

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